Why a Sandy Travel Tour ?

Some of the points to ponder when considering the components of the Scotland Tour Oct 2016

  1. Itinerary that is planned to allow for a steady but leisurely pace covering some of the most interesting regions and stories of Scotland
  2. Excellent local guides. These people have spent all or  most their lives in Scotland . Their varied backgrounds will ensure lively dialogue, thought provoking insight and always a funny story .There will be fun on and off the motor coach.
  3.  Upgraded Motorcoach. There are numerous hours on a motorcoach during a tour like this . Ensuring maximum comfort possibilities just makes sense. Your coach has leather reclining seats ,  tables, fridge , bathroom , sound system and two monitors (front and back).
  4. Hotels and or the Guest Houses are selected by Tour Director Ron Mac Eachen . Some are a higher category than others but all bring a certain characteristic in their location that enhance the experience. All were hand picked as they allow maximum enjoyment of a particular stop.
  5. Free time. There is lots of terrain to cover but consideration has been given to some down time to do what you want on your own particularly in Edinburg ,Inverness, Portree Lunch and dinners have been scheduled to facilitate this.
  6. At many  points in the trip we will be seeing some local people(cousins maybe ) and have a chace to catch up on things .
  7. 16 meals- All tours include break 8 additional meals. Including this number of meals , which is not so common on tours of Scotland provides excellent value and  makes for a cohesive group but also allows time to dine on your own in each locale so you can have your own time .

Images of some of the regions in Scotland where we will be visiting along with images from the 2015 tours .